Forensic and Medical-Legal Evaluations

Individuals are usually referred by an attorney for a forensic examination but independent medical-legal evaluations can also be requested by a claims manager or adjuster in workers compensation case or personal injury matter.  Forensic neuropsychological assessments can also be requested to help a judge determine competency in a civil or criminal matter.  Dr. Dahmer-White has performed a number of forensic and independent neuropsychological examinations and has given testimony related to these examinations and as a treating doctor in many of her cases.

In a medical-legal evaluation, the referring party, usually an attorney, receives the results of the evaluation.  The individual who is being evaluated will not receive a copy of the report from Dr. Dahmer-White, but may be able to receive a copy from the referring party.  The referring party is responsible for covering all the costs of the assessment, as these evaluations are not for clinical purposes and are not covered under medical insurance.  Once completed, the results of the medical-legal evaluation will be given to the referring party and additional services may also be provided, such as further consultation, research and testimony (deposition, arbitration or trial).

In comprehensive forensic and medical-legal evaluations, all sources of available information are reviewed, and usually include, medical, school, employment and legal documents.  This record review is important to be able to accurately characterize an individual’s past and current level of functioning.  The evaluation typically involves an interview with Dr. Dahmer-White and 6 to 8 hours of testing.  Every attempt will be made to complete the evaluation within one day but lengthy evaluations may need to be split into two separate days.

In addition to direct client assessments, Dr. Dahmer-White is available to perform case reviews, which are often described by attorneys as some of the most valuable services provided.  Clients often have vast and complex medical histories that are often confusing and difficult to understand.  Careful review of the history and documents allows Dr. Dahmer-White to create a timeline and distill information into a form that can begin to allow an understanding of the causal events that led to a client’s current status.

A retainer is required for all forensic evaluations and the details will discussed with the assessment and services are scheduled.