Clinical Treatments

As a neuropsychologist, Dr. Dahmer-White focuses her treatment on addressing the cognitive, psychological, behavioral and psychosocial needs of individuals with brain-based conditions.  She provides psychotherapy to individuals who are living with neurological conditions to help them cope with the associated losses and challenges related to disability.  She primarily uses cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction to treat issues with mood (depression, anxiety, anger) and behavior.  However, other modalities of therapy are also integrated into treatment when needed and appropriate.  In addition to working directly with the client, Dr. Dahmer-White recognizes that each individual has a social support system that is instrumental in their recovery and helps to sustain them.  Family members are often profoundly impacted by the disabling condition and associated changes.  When appropriate, she is available to provide education and support to family members to help them better understand the disabling condition so that they can best support their loved one in the process of recovery from and adaptation to the disabilities.  Her rehabilitation and treatment approach emphasizes self-advocacy, accountability and empowerment.