StoneYellowPetal-300x300Dr. Laura Dahmer-White is a neuropsychologist practicing in the Olympia area and serving individuals throughout Western Washington.

Dr. Dahmer-White offers neuropsychological evaluation and treatment services that are individually tailored to each client’s background and history and the specific nature of the referral.  The practice specializes in working with individuals who have a history of a variety of neurological and brain-based disorders including traumatic brain injury, strokes, brain tumors, epilepsy, neurodegenerative conditions and dementias.  Services are offered to older adolescents (age 16 and up), adults and older adults.

The field of neuropsychology involves the study of brain-behavior relationships and a neuropsychologist is a specially trained psychologist with expertise in evaluating cognitive and thinking skills, emotions and behavior.  Neuropsychological evaluations are frequently recommended when patients experience problems or changes in their memory, attention/concentration, or other aspects of thinking or cognition.  They are very useful in helping to identify which particularly areas of the brain have been affected by an injury or disease.  This information can be used to help determine how a neurological condition will impact a person’s functioning in daily life.  The information obtained in a neuropsychological assessment is often used to determine the specific treatment and rehabilitation services that are needed to support recovery.  It can also be used to help monitor the course of a neurological condition, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.